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Hi, I'm Richard, a Chartered Civil Engineering Surveyor with 14 years’ experience. I specialise in civils, groundworks and highways. Notable contracts include:

  • M27 J4-11 smart motorway
  • Isle of Wight highways PFI
  • BaNES highways TMC
  • Marchwood ERF
  • Southampton highways TMC
Samantha Gill

Hello, I'm Samantha. I also have 14 years’ experience. I specialise in mechanicial & electrical, commercial buildings and civils. Notable contracts include:.

  • Barclays M&E refurb
  • Oxford CC schools framework
  • Nationwide BS framework
  • A3 Hindhead Tunnel
  • AWE Aldermaston

Our values

We believe in making the world a better place through our actions


Do more with less


Follow your conscience


Develop new ways


Take responsibility


Adapt and overcome


Embrace every success

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We want everyone in the construction industry to work in a fully collaborative and honest manner for the benefit of all us all. We will play our part and we hope that you will join us to achieve this vision.

Our mission

We're on a mission to assist our UK-based subcontractors to manage their contractual, financial, operational and technical risks. Let's overcome those quickly, effectively and decisively.

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